I’m Judy and I’m the founder and lead designer of Being Blissful Designs.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to have had some really spectacular jewellery but of every extravagant piece I’ve had over the years nothing brought as much pleasure as a simple handmade mala bracelet with a quartz stone. I literally wore it everyday and just felt better for the experience.

I have enjoyed rose quartz and salt lamps in my home for years and have always loved the vibe and energy they’ve brought to my space. I’ve shared lamps and jewellery with friends and family over the years and they consistently seem to bring more happiness than expensive fancy designer pieces and extravagant gifts.

Being Blissful Designs has been created to bring some of that same great energy out to the world and share it. Life has gotten stressful for so many of us and if wearing a simple talisman can bring joy and brighten someones day than that’s something that merits sharing with the world.

We’ve sought out local and international stones and materials and interwoven them so they bring the chosen energy and synergy to the wearer. A big part of our design is the clarity and intention with which each piece is handmade and forged. A Being Blissful Design will bring pleasure and education to it’s owner and compliments for it’s beauty.

All of our designs are quick and easy to wear. No more trying to fasten bracelets or necklaces with chains and hooks. We know that life is busy and that there isn’t always extra time to squeeze bangles over your wrist or to connect hooks one handed. And that can have you leaving your home for work or whatever adventure you’re up to without wearing your favourite jewellery.

So whether you’re wanting to wear flashy crystal quartz or the warmest of sandalwoods it only takes a minute to slip on your wrist. Wear them as a single or stack a bunch of malas on each arm… you’re ready to go in a minutes notice and we guarantee you’ll feel better for the experience.

Enjoy looking through our gallery and let us know if you have questions or a custom piece in mind. We are here to make your world a more beautiful place!

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